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Meet Our Team

Martin Bill,

Managing Director


Martin has been, and remains, sole Director and shareholder of Contact 1-2-1 since April 2014. Prior to April 2014 Martin was Managing Director of Contact 1-2-1 since operations commenced in 2002. A career path comprising of management roles in Food Service, IT Project Management, and Contact Centres has given him the skills in understanding customers needs. Martin ensures clients brands are represented by delivering innovative and effective solutions every single time, whilst always retaining a strong ethos of customer first within the culture at Contact 1-2-1.

Since solely taking the reins, Martin has overseen growth and stability within Contact 1-2-1 and continually looks to how Contact 1-2-1 can better service its Clients needs into the future with an ever-changing Customer Experience landscape. Martin finds it incredibly rewarding by creating opportunities that provides jobs at Contact 1-2-1 both in Australia and Philippines and that sentiment continues with Contact 1-2-1s customers, staff and suppliers. One of his highest points of satisfaction is having been joined by his daughters Lauren and Emily in the operations of the business, who also share his passions and focus.

Frank Spartalis,

General Manager/ Operations


Frank started working at eight years of age at his parent’s cafe in the Barossa Valley. A great place to grow up as a kid. Frank quickly learnt that if their customers were not satisfied then the family bills weren’t paid. These lessons he uses to this day.

A professional Engineer with a lifelong interest in the classics he is apt to refer to Aristotle and Socrates as well as Erlang and Branson to solve complex problems, motivate teams and change organisational culture.

Frank has over 40 years’ experience across the corporate and government sectors ranging from telecommunications strategy and policy to leadership of multimillion dollar projects.

His long involvement with contact centres had him writing the entire Call Centre strategy for the South Australian Government. A real career highlight was whilst working for the Department of Industry and Trade, Frank attracted corporations to base their contact centres in South Australia which created thousands of local jobs.

Alan Davis,

Business Development Manager


In June 2015, Alan was appointed Business Development Manager at Contact 1-2-1. Although relatively new to the call centre industry, Alan has a keen interest and a natural flair for sales with over five years’ experience in sales and marketing thus allowing him to draw on his past successes.

Alan brings to his role a strong customer focus, and a real desire to bring Contact 1-2-1 clients and their clients customers, satisfaction, and success through the implementation of quality cost effective contact centre services. Alan’s recent successes in the development of a number Inbound and Outbound contact centre services across a variety of sectors, including Facilities Management, Insurance, IT Help Desk and Finance has been personally rewarding.

Throughout his time at Contact 1-2-1, Alan has enjoyed considerable professional and personal growth from what he considers to be invaluable lessons received from his mentor Martin Bill. Alan’s focus is to continue to bring growth to Contact 1-2-1 as it is a leading contact centre both in Australia and overseas. Alan’s appetite to work on his professional development in sales and marketing, along with building his business and management skills is admirable.

Emily Davis,

Program Manager / IT&T Support


Emily Bill has been working with Contact 1-2-1 since 2010 and joined the team on a more permanent basis in 2015.

Emily prides herself on being an analytical thinker, who focuses on her Client’s problems by taking a methodical step-by-step approach to synthesise information and knowledge to achieve a solution. Maintaining high-level Client satisfaction by clarifying their needs and ensuring that those needs are met.

Emily has brought a considerable amount of transferable skills to Contact 1-2-1 as she has nearly completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Psychology). Having acquired a breadth of knowledge and a repertoire of skills that make her an effective communicator and problem solver. These include interpersonal and listening skills, teamwork, negotiating skills, behavioural analysis of problems and the evaluation of options, oral presentation, report writing, research techniques, data analysis, and computer applications. All skills required to deliver exceptional results to Contact 1-2-1’s Clients and their Clients customers.

Gary Jerram,

Centre Manager/ Special Projects


Gary is one of our longest serving, and most trusted and respected staff members. We have almost lost track of when he started with us, and he remains a key member of staff and our internal exec team.

Well versed and in charge of steering our accounts, payroll, HR/IR and admin people and functions, Gary extends his time and capability with us by looking after a large portion of our internal IT and Telephony (in conjunction with Emily). If there is something in Excel or Macros that Gary doesn’t know or can’t work out, it’s likely not been invented yet or not worth knowing. And, to make sure that Gary is never bored, he interfaces into some of our most important customers.

Guaranteed to be the only person that we know who books in his leave immediately after and in line with published cricket itineraries (most notably The Ashes tours). It is Adelaide Oval after all that he gets to go to – arguably one of the world’s finest for cricket.

Joan Osaghae,

Blended Team Leader
Joan has been working with Contact 1-2-1 since 2015, and has fast become an important member of Contact 1-2-1 as our Blended Team Leader. Joan’s role within our company is to provide ongoing floor support to agents in our fast-paced environment, and during afterhours for a number of unique services.

Joan works closely with both our Campaign Development personnel Emily Bill and our Business Development Manager, Alan Davis to ensure all customers’ expectations and procedures are exceeded with professionalism and attention to detail.

Joan is customer service and client focused and expects the very best from our agents in all that they do. Those who work closely with her know that she approaches all that she does with passion, determination, confidence, attention to detail and a “no nonsense attitude”.

In addition to her work here at Contact 1-2-1, Joan also has a degree in Applied Zoology and has successfully completed her Masters in Clinical Nursing.

Jeff Keirl,

TMCA Team Leader
Jeff first joined the Contact 1-2-1 team in 2009 before moving up five years later as our TMCA Team Leader. It is through this position that Jeff successfully manages a team of six full time agents, along with successfully communicating and reporting to one of our biggest clients.

Jeff has vast Call Centre experience which allows him to confidentially and professionally provide ongoing support to all members of his team. He has an impressive understanding of our client’s expectations and services, which result in him being a very much respected member of our team and within TMCA.

Jeff works closely with Managing Director, Martin Bill and Operations Manager, Frank Spartalis to ensure our clients and their services are represented with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

Jeff is known by his team as professional, is confident, and has a fun sense of humour. Ask him how the Crows went in 2017 sometime, and see what sort of reaction you get.

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