Welcome to Contact 121

Thanks for dropping by. We appreciate you making the effort to do so, and would appreciate you spending a few minutes while you are here.

Now that you are here, we’d like to take a little time to tell you a bit about us. We have successfully been doing Call Centre and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) since November 2002 – for global and Australian organisations, large and small and everything in between.

Contact 121 currently have a 24x7x365 Contact Centre operations in Adelaide, South Australia, and have operations in Sydney, Australia and Manila, Philippines.  We have someone onsite for every hour of every day of the year and we’ve done this for many years.

We are not the largest Contact Centre operations around, but we are not the smallest.  We are not the cheapest Contact Centre around, but neither   are we the most expensive.

We do consider though (and most of our customers agree) that we are definitely one of the best.  If winning awards is anything to go by, then we have won some. Some were a while ago, but we think we have improved lots since winning them.  Our customers also think so.

As Frank says “We do difficult – very well”.  That seems to be part of our DNA that has evolved over the years.  That DNA has evolved to cover off a wide range of Industry sectors and a full range of interaction types. And we mix the interaction types to suit our customer’s exact requirements.

So, what do our customers think is difficult?  We like this one –  extensive outbound   Surveys in English and Japanese to tens of thousands of businesses in Australia, New Zealand and Japan – conducted from Australia and Manila for our French client on behalf of a large multi-national based in USA.  If not difficult – it’s at least very multi-national.

Here’s a quick summary of industry sectors and interaction types, where often there is an evolving combination amongst all of them.  We often take the learning’s from one and apply it to another or to many.

  • Inbound Customer Service
  • Inbound Telesales
  • Inbound Multilingual Services
  • Help Desk
  • Outbound Customer Service
  • Outbound Surveys
  • Outbound Telemarketing Telesales
  • BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)
  • Email Processing
  • Mail and Brochure Fulfillment
  • Project Management Services
  • Call Centre Consulting
  • Defense
  • Education
  •  Government
  • ICT
  • Infrastructure
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Financial
  • Renewable energy
  • Agriculture
  • Housing: Commercial, Residential

Inbound andEmailSMS Outbound

  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Social Media and Smart Phone Interaction
  • Hard Mail


Why do we and our customers think we are successful?

 Sure, we operate under standard Contact Centre and BPO KPIs – XX% of calls answered in YY seconds, and emails responded to in ZZ minutes, etc. Beyond that we spend a lot of focus on three other major factors that our customers and their customers tell us is critical to their business – First contact resolution, doing “difficult”, and providing increased satisfaction and results at all our interaction points.

A lot of that has to do with the technology that we have in place and at our disposal.  All the groovy stuff that you would expect from around the world and in Australia, and then some.  All the groovy stuff gets phone calls in and out, emails in and out, web chat, social media interaction, list management for outbound calls and surveys, call recording, IVR and RVA, interaction (where you allow us to) with your systems and applications and web pages/forms, and much more.  We also fully understand and appreciate the role that technology plays in privacy, confidentiality and security of information.

Contact Centre and BPO operations are also just as much to do with people.  Yep, we use technology where we can and where we are asked to.  But some time, sooner or later, we are going to combine the technology with the people.  We are proud of our people, the way that we recruit them, train them, look after them,develop them when we need to, grow their capabilities and provide them with opportunities.  We do that because we understand that in every interaction we are our customer’s voice (and typing) to their customers.  We take that very seriously.  And we know how important that human interaction and our people play in that entire equation.

We get excited when we do things like reduce Average Handling time by 30%, or reduce the number of interactions by 25% because we increase First Contact Resolution to well over 90%.  We get excited when we reduce our Outbound customer’s spend by 15% and increase their successful contact rate by 10% or their ROI by 20%.

We figure that is because we spent a lot of our time, energy, experience and capability in providing net realisable value back to our clients.  We do that by actively working in true partnership all day every day – with our clients, our staff and our suppliers.

Part of that value is providing solutions out of Australia, and providing solutions out of Philippines.  We understand that each of our customers will have different drivers that suit their individual situations, and we aim to at least provide you with alternatives if and when they suit.

Now that you are here, why not give us the opportunity to do the same for you and your clients – provide some net realisable value through an experienced capable Contact Centre and BPO Outsourcer.  We will gladly be in touch and work in partnership with you to provide you with real value.

We’re not perfect, and we can’t do everything.  But, we will give it a red hot go all day every day. We’ll tell you if we think that we’re not a good fit.  We know your time is short and precious, and we don’t want to waste it.

Fill in the Contact Us Form here or email us at info@contact121.com.au.  We’ll be in touch soon.