Inbound Absence Reporting Service

Inbound Absence Reporting Service.

Contact 1-2-1 currently provide this service to organisations Large and small around Australia. Answering calls from your staff calling in sick or unable to meet

their roster is an activity  that we are well suited to perform.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing your staff reporting their absences to us are:

  • Cost reduction
  • Standardised process across multiple departments and sites
  • Identification of absence behaviour
  • Provision of 24x7x365 service (perfect for shift workers)

The following may be useful to track:

  • The incidence of absence(such as seasonal or Monday/Friday absences)
  • The type of absence (such as sick leave or WCB)
  • The reason for the absences
  • Individual employee absence history
  • The average duration of absence
  • The dollar costs of absence

Key Features of Absenteeism Reports:

  • Customized call flow ensuring all relevant information is gathered and the appropriate personal are notified.
  • We will provide voice logger calls capabilities to record calls for quality Assurance purposes. Reference when dealing with issues regarding information discrepancies.
  • We operate 24x7x365 

Acting as a reliable central point of contact, our experienced Australian-based call centre can provide you with an exceptional 24x7x365 national absence reporting line to help you avoid many of the frustrations that come with absence reporting. Using customized call scripting, sophisticated technology and experienced and qualified staff, we will capture complete and accurate absence details to immediately provide to your Management team via email or SMS.

Our proven approach to absence reporting will significantly reduce the administration work for your Managers and Human Resources Team whilst providing the best and most reliable support to all your employees. Our commitment to providing high quality services will deliver your business a consistent, sustainable approach to the management of unplanned leave, allowing you the peace of mind to focus on leading and managing a successful, profitable business.

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